IVP has been making fans and impellers for decades. We can help you convert your impellers from metal to plastic with our extensive experience and lessons learned from our years in the industry. IVP can recommend the correct polymers to use based on how the components will be used. We can also create prototypes for testing with the help of our team of expert engineers. Our knowledge and skill put to use in your impeller design can save you time and money by avoiding design flaws and testing failure.

IVP employs a Schenck single plane vertical balancing machine as part of our equipment arsenal to ensure fans are balanced when necessary. It has 22 pounds of capacity and can handle both static and dynamic balancing, with SPC capability.  Our Schenck uses an electronic protractor enabling us to quickly diagnose the location of the unbalance in each correction plane of the rotor.

At IVP, we see every component as part of the whole. With our engineering expertise and more than 60 years in thermoplastics, we know the right questions to ask to create the component you need. With locations in Central Illinois and in the St. Louis area, we are perfectly situated to ensure that your components exceed manufacturing standards and are molded and shipped to your location when you need them.

Call the experts at IVP Plastics to find out how we can assist you with your impeller and fan balancing needs. Get a quote, or contact us today.