Our company has been making pivotal products for the agricultural equipment market for years. Thermoplastic engineering and plastic product innovations are rapidly growing in the agricultural industry due to the strength and durability of plastic materials. Thermoplastics are becoming an alternative material in an industry that experiences high corrosion in outdoor environments and immense daily wear-and-tear to traditional components.

Innovations throughout the Industry

From tines that pick up heavy, wet forage in self-propelled harvesters to highly cosmetic cab components, IVP has the ability to design and manufacture parts that help farmers feed the world. Recently, IVP Plastics began making turkey feeders for an industry leading OEM. By providing versatility with our plastic component capabilities, we are offering desired solutions to a range of OEM companies that will meet their process needs.

Prototyping and Manufacturing Services

Agricultural industries desire quality products and innovative design services combined with fast delivery schedules. Here at IVP Plastics, we have two Midwest facilities featuring the latest, state-of-the-art equipment and 24-hour tooling capabilities to meet your stringent deadlines and desired component quality standards. We offer both turnkey and one-off thermoplastic engineering, rapid prototyping, and manufacturing processes.

In addition, we also provide metal-to-plastic conversion methods when you are looking for more cost-effective plastic material solutions to replace the metal parts in products. Our engineering team can determine the right plastics to use for agricultural products that will increase the productivity of farmers across the country.