For over three decades, IVP has served the plumbing industry with pipe fitting products. During that time, we have designed a handful of proprietary products and manufactured millions of components for the building construction industry.

Corrosion Control

We’ve helped energy and utility companies by creating dielectric-reducing bushings for natural gas meters that prevent galvanic corrosion and rust. Recently, we’ve added value to energy and utility providers by using our non-corrosive reducer bushings for their Smart Meter program.


IVP thermoplastic engineers continue to improve the performance standards of our piping products to serve more demanding, low-pressure applications. Through pressure burst cycling tests, we’ve identified materials and designs that exceed industry standards.

Space and Cost Savings

When it comes to building construction, space demands and scope creep are two factors that plague construction projects that require electrical components, wiring, gas, and plumbing lines. Whether it is a residential building or a large commercial development unit, IVP Plastics offers thermoplastic solutions and metal-to-plastic conversions for pipe-fittings, plastic components, and plastic wiring products.

With plastic pipes that can be molded into shape, contractors can efficiently run lines throughout structures and around obstructions. In addition, plastic to plastic fittings offer cost savings with lower material waste and easier assembly processes.

Building construction companies can reap in the benefits of thermoplastic engineering solutions offered by IVP Plastics. Let us change the way you create simple and complex building projects with our innovative and cost-effective solutions that can increase the productivity of your construction processes.