We bring a fresh perspective to customer's needs, allowing us to create a solution that works for each unique customer. Our streamlined process begins with information gathering and extends through concept development and production.

For decades, we’ve been helping customers across industries discover the possibilities of plastics.


Prototyping and Design Expertise

Our consulting expertise helped avoid costly design error, while our prototyping process met a tight schedule.

Pump Bracket

Metal-to-Plastic Conversion (bracket)

IVP helped reduce the number of required components, overall weight and production/shipping costs.

HVAC fan

Thermoplastic Riveting

IVP reduced production steps and assembly costs by using thermoplastic riveting, not welding, to lock components together.

Filter housing

Metal-to-Plastic Conversions (filter housing)

Converting a cast aluminum filter housing to plastic helped lower capital costs for tooling, reduced product weight and cost and improve ROI.

Gas assist tube

Gas-Assist Technology

IVP helped cut component weight and production costs by approximately 50%.