Our materials expertise translates into innovative solutions for customers in the commercial refrigeration market. If you need products that won’t corrode in a humid food environment or quality components that can stand up to industrial-grade cleaning and sanitizing chemicals, we can help. IVP provides cutting-edge technologies paired with thermoplastic engineering expertise to provide industrial-grade plastics and food-grade plastics. Our teams create the commercial refrigeration components that are used and desired throughout the food and beverage industry.

Innovative Materials

To develop solutions specific to the commercial refrigeration industry, we draw on the expertise from our on-site chemical and polymer team. They have the dedication and experience to process dozens of custom plastic materials. Our qualified team specializes in reinforced and high-temperature plastic as well as specialty materials. We also work closely with global resin suppliers during lab testing and analysis to make sure we’re using the correct design and material for the job. These relationships allow us to provide more competitive material pricing for our commercial refrigeration customers as well.

Compliance with Federal Standards

Our manufacturing and production processes conform to the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21, for the Food and Drug Administration. We stay informed about all current FDA compliance regulations whether we are providing consultation services, sourcing plastic materials, performing plastic molding production processes or offering metal-to-plastic conversion plan to our clients. By offering cost reduction solutions and superior plastic materials during our manufacturing processes, we can create the industrial grade plastic products that meet the highest food and beverage industry standards.