Serving numerous customers, we have developed a variety of innovative thermoplastic solutions for customers seeking to route, manage and control wiring. IVP Plastics works with professionals in the electronics industry, as well as those in the construction and automotive industry, that need plastic wiring solutions for simple and complex assemblies.

Wiring Solutions

Whether it’s within enclosures or among various components, we create a variety of brackets and channeling devices that reduce pinching and exposure to electrical wiring. This includes wiring under valve covers, within engines and throughout cabs and automotive interiors. Ensuring safe applications while providing strong and durable thermoplastic components, IVP Plastics provides the cost-effective design, engineering, prototyping and production services desired in this industry.

Innovation for Construction

As the demand for web connections and sophisticated electronics continues to expand, so have our wiring solutions. We’re utilizing the expertise we’ve refined within automotive and mobile equipment applications – and our ability to manage space constraints – and are applying it to commercial and residential applications for the construction industry.

Staying informed about innovations and technological advances in the electronics industry allows us to stay on top of our client's needs in an ever-changing construction and manufacturing landscape. Whether you are providing electronic and wiring products directly to end customers, or you are in an industry that relies heavily on electrical wiring assemblies to complete automotive machinery or construction projects, reach out to the thermoplastic engineers at IVP Plastics. We can provide you with turnkey solutions to manage your projects from start to finish, or offer one-off products and services on demand.