Our experience serving the medical device industry spans decades. We produce parts used in nuclear medicine, exterior housing covers for patient lift systems, sleep apnea diagnosis equipment, and so much more. We currently do not manufacture medical devices used subcutaneously (below or in the skin).

Lean, Clean Manufacturing

Quality and cleanliness matter to all customers, but we know they’re especially critical in the medical industry due to the Food and Drug Administration standards. That’s why we employ continuous improvement, lean manufacturing and Six Sigma principles throughout our modern, 118,000 square-foot facilities.

Our injection-molding presses, standardized presses, robotic applications and gas-assist technologies with on-site nitrogen generation are well maintained using stringent cleanliness and safety policies to reduce the number of contaminants to plastic components and finished products. And our manufacturing floor features the latest equipment to ensure we maintain industry-leading quality levels.

Compliance with Federal Standards

Our manufacturing and production processes conform to the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21, for the Food and Drug Administration. Our thermoplastic engineering processes, prototyping, testing and evaluations for every plastic component that leaves our facilities will adhere to such regulations to bring peace of mind to clients in the medical industry. You will know that we take such federal standards seriously at all times so your products will always be in compliance.

New technologies and innovations are constantly being introduced that can be a benefit for manufacturers in the medical industry. Our team at IVP Plastics will help you find the technologies and provide you with the thermoplastic product services that will work best with your projects.