IVP Plastics has dedicated over 60 years to being a valuable resource for clients seeking thermoplastic manufacturing solutions. As we continue to provide excellence to our market, we invite you to participate in our process. Everything starts with our Excellence Center. Here, you will find an unmatched number of engineers—all with state-of-the-art industry knowledge, examples of proven thermoplastic solutions, and the proper resources to expand your knowledge on how plastic injection molding could benefit your company. Visit our Excellence Center, and you will see firsthand our process of transforming clients’ visions into manufacturing realities.

When you work with IVP, a partnership forms that results in business growth for both companies. Our Excellence Center serves as a generator of new ideas, a powerhouse of innovation, and a comfortable space for relationship building that sets the route as we embark on a journey of information-sharing and learning. Our goal is to help you determine efficient solutions that will return the best value for your dollar. Our decades-long involvement in the industry has made us skilled problem solvers who guarantee simplified processes and valuable service for each client coupled with the best materials and tooling on the market.

Let us show you what sets IVP apart from the rest; our doors and minds are open to you at the Excellence Center. We have the answers to all of your questions; the ability to satisfy any curiosities you have about plastics; the resources to demonstrate our benefit to your company; and the close-to-home convenience for our Midwest clients. Are you interested in how the Excellence Center could serve your company? Schedule a visit today!

Design for MFG

IVP’s engineers have years of experience designing injection molded parts and helping customers refine their designs to make them more robust and moldable. Helping the customer understand what’s happening on the inside of the mold while parts are being manufactured bears fruit as customers learn how to strengthen their parts without sacrificing cosmetics needed.

Tooling & Mold Development

We partner with five mold-making companies in China and three in the United States to make sure we provide the most robust and affordable tooling in our market.  Our Tooling Manager brings over 40 years of experience in the trade, including extensive experience with automation, mold design and mold manufacture.


We partner with companies in the Midwest and China to bring our customers soft and hard tooled prototypes and pilots, so they thoroughly test their designs. Whether 3D printed prototypes or aluminum tooled injection moldings, we can help you ascertain what you need to test your products before investing in hard tooling capable of millions of shots.

Industry Trends

By joining various university groups and plastic associations, we work hard to stay at the forefront of technological development in the polymer field. We partner with RJG Technologies to use the latest pressure and temperature sensors so we can predict and prevent problems with your parts before they occur.  We also partner with Engel Presses, the leading injection press manufacturer in the world, and ConAir, the best peripheral equipment manufacturer in plastics manufacturing.

Cost Reduction

Check out our website for case studies detailing how we’ve helped customers save cost and weight by transferring their designs from sheet metal fabrications, or tubes, or thermoformed parts to fully realized and tooled injection molded parts. Cosmetics are readily enhanced as well, with the latest technologies in texturing and decoration.

Turnkey Solutions

If you bring us your idea, we can help you design the part and the process to get the performance you need. We’ve helped a major OEM change from a sheet metal fabrication on an underhood component, design the four appropriate plastic parts that replace the weldment, create a fully automatic two robot solution with optical inspection that is now making tens of thousands of components a year with quality PPM in the single digits. We partnered with JH Benedict as our local robotic integrator to make all of this happen for the client.

Process Simulations

We use the highest level of SolidWorks Plastic Simulation to do enhanced warp and fill analysis to predict where the customer’s selected polymer and mold design might run into issues before the mold is made. This way we can prevent problems before they occur, in order to save you money.

Material Analysis and Management

If you’re having problems with one of your current parts, we can help do a material analysis to troubleshoot the part and perhaps eliminate the trouble spots. We use local laboratory facilities to do our analysis, and our internal polymer engineers interpret the findings to help you reach a resolution.