Companies across a variety of industries are turning to plastic to replace metal and other traditional materials. In fact, plastic design is now a key strategy for keeping costs low while maintaining—and often improving—product differentiation and performance.

Clients working with IVP Plastics are seeking engineered plastic components and metal-to-plastic conversion plans as one-off products, large mass production runs, and to experiment with different material designs. Here are just a few of the benefits of plastic manufacturing:

Enhance Design Process & Appearance

  • Add more flexibility to the design process
  • Simplify coloring and decorating finished parts
  • Decorate “in-mold”


Simplify Manufacturing

  • Eliminate assembly processes, painting and secondary operations
  • Improve quality
  • Create more highly complex parts
  • Consolidate parts
  • Save time and money


Improve Performance

  • Decrease weight
  • Maintain or improve longevity and wear
  • Resist high temperatures, chemicals, chemical reactions, denting and scratching
  • Reduce thermal and electrical conductivity


Reduce Environmental Impact

  • Eliminate human contact with harmful metals
  • Use less energy and generate less waste
  • Increase opportunities for recycling


These are just a few of the benefits that plastic can offer to your products. Based on your manufacturing goals, you may seek to completely switch out metal and traditional materials with plastics, or turn to plastics for new product lines.

Whether you are looking for rapid prototyping using plastic materials, or you want to experiment with plastic molding designs, IVP provides turnkey solutions for your manufacturing processes. See what plastics can do for your operations and product creations. Obtain enhanced design processes, improve part performance, simplify manufacturing operations and reduce your company's environmental impact with IVP Plastic solutions.