You have a product idea, and you would like to know about the best materials to use that will work with other components. Perhaps you already have a part yet want to lower the amount of weight it has to reduce costs. You may even be interested in improving the performance and wear life of a completed assembly. Creating new parts or improving existing components requires having a deep understanding of manufacturing processes, thermoplastic product designs, and material properties to help brainstorm new ideas and overcome engineering hurdles.

Our upfront consultations solve simple and complex design solutions. Whether you want to explore metal-to-plastic conversion possibilities for your agricultural industry or are looking for more cost-effective engineered plastic parts for your automotive production, our process engineers, CAD technologies, and prototyping capabilities provide a fresh perspective to your designs, manufacturing processes and materials acquisitions.

Even if you are just looking to improve your existing manufacturing processes, an upfront consultation from IVP allows you to obtain an unbiased and comprehensive evaluation. We can suggest new technologies and improvements that will help you streamline processes and lower operational costs without impacting the quality of products or parts.

Consulting Services

Over the years, our customers have asked us to consult on a variety of issues -- from the simple to the complex. Our evaluations and consultations can focus on a variety of areas such as existing product designs, new designs, engineering techniques, new technology acquisitions, alternative materials, and production solutions. We can help by:

  • Evaluating your existing design, materials and manufacturing technologies and suggesting improvements
  • Performing finite element analysis, mold flow analysis and other valuable engineering and simulation techniques to identify opportunities that eliminate cost while improving function
  • Developing product designs that allow for more efficient manufacturing or eliminate assembly cost and rework
  • Researching and identifying new technologies that can do more for less cost
  • Recommending alternate materials that optimize performance and minimize cost

When you're stumped on the design, materials or which manufacturing processes to use, IVP provides the answers. Reach out to our process engineers for an upfront consultation before you begin your project.  Contact us today!