Many of our clients can picture the necessary components needed to create a product, yet still need accurate measurements for every part that will go into the simple or complex assembly. Also, throughout the plastic engineering phase, component sizes may change significantly from previous plans, as this situation can impact the final production phase of your project.

Beginning with project launch, IVP validates product designs using analytical and APQP tools. By developing specific measurement, test and validation plans, IVP ensures products meet qualification and product lifecycle requirements through ongoing verification.

Testing and Validation

Before plastic injection molding processes take place, we perform testing and validation to all components. We test the product to ensure that materials and parts function as desired for the application. The IVP team will look for any issues that could cause component failure as we validate the feasibility of production processes to ensure quality will be maintained while meeting industry-specific compliance regulations.

Once measurements, testing, and validation are performed, rapid prototyping can take place as we continue the testing and validation process until the final prototype passes our client's quality standards. Then we can confidently move to the plastic injection molding phase for mass production of the product while maintaining our client's delivery timelines.

Measurement and testing are important stages during the project launch. Our clients can gain a greater understanding regarding the project's requirements to have a successful production run when manufacturing components and products. IVP can also lessen your project costs as you won't have to go back to the design board due to product failure during the plastic molding phase because of our thorough testing and validation plans.