Our proven metal to plastic conversion methodology results in functional, innovative prototyping and end products. Obtain real value and increased performance in the marketplace to enhance your competitiveness. Our clients such as Caterpillar, Crane Pump, Sensata Technologies, Deere & Co., Leoni Wiring, Navistar and Parker Hannifin have seen cost savings of 30 – 60% switching from metal to plastic—without sacrificing performance.

Our Proven Conversion Methodology

  • Gather a full understanding of your parts environment, requirements, and goals
  • Develop concepts using 3D modeling to translate your ideas into reality
  • Conduct finite element analysis in both linear and non-linear forms to predict how the new material will perform in your application
  • Design for manufacturability, incorporating the necessary metal content to ensure performance
  • Provide rapid prototyping services (with no additional tooling expense) for in-application testing
  • Develop economical prototype tooling for proven design
  • Follow a rigid testing protocol to confirm the new part meets all of your requirements
  • Identify cost-effective material sourcing options domestically and abroad


Benefits of Metal-to-Plastic Conversion

Previous clients have reaped in the benefits of selecting thermoplastic engineering versus keeping their existing metal components. Advantages to plastic molding conversion:

  • Speed. Using plastic has reduced the number of manufacturing steps as we've been able to produce components in as little as 5 minutes to 60 seconds.
  • Strength. Plastic components can be bent into a variety of shapes, eliminating the need for traditional welding, plating and brazing processes as components can have greater dimensional accuracy.
  • Weight reduction. Going from heavy metal components to lighter plastic parts can impact product performance as well as lower shipping costs.
  • Savings. Metal to plastic conversion can create cost savings in a number of areas such as increased productivity and lower material costs.